Laura Hathaway – Strength, Beauty and Grace

Laura HathawayI had the pleasure of meeting Laura Hathaway a couple of years ago. We became friends on Facebook in 2014 and she is someone I instantly admired. Beautiful, tenacious, inspirational and authentic are just a few of the words that only begin to describe this woman! Here’s a little bit of her story.

Posted Aug 2, 2014 – International Alopecia day Thank you to all for all the support yesterday. I lost all my hair- I mean every single strand just about overnight. Not to mention the lack of medical and beauty support. The shock and awe of it was almost too much to bare. The effects of Alopecia was something I had absolutely no control over! It was devastating! Thank God for my family Bob, Reid and Hayley who gave me true unconditional love, patience and compassion.

Laura HathawayI started fresh and built the life I now have. It took years to get here but I’m living a life richer than imagined. Lifting,laura halaway training and competing has given me the physical and creative outlet. But most important, it has also given me the courage to realize that I have the choice to change my mind and my body and move forward in a direction that makes me feel alive, beautiful and strong.

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